Australia is facing a severe social problem due to excessive gambling. Many children are left hungry or in cars while their parents gamble. Homelessness is rising, and many people lose their homes and jobs due to gambling. Although Responsible Service of Alcohol legislation is well-established, Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG QLD or RCG throughout Australia) is still not as well understood. Today we will examine the exclusion laws and learn what they mean for responsible gambling in Australia.

There are two types of exclusions:

You’ll be learning about the two types of exclusions from specific gambling venues when you complete your QLD RSG

Patron-Initiated Exclusion or Self-Exclusion

Venue-initiated exclusion is a method of excluding a person from a particular venue. This is done by contacting a casino provider. Although it may seem odd that patron-initiated exclusion exists, many problem gamblers seek help. Self-exclusion from gambling facilities could be the best option.

Whatever the reason for exclusion, all require that gambling addicts who are not allowed to attend a venue be contacted by a counseling service. All exclusions must be reported to the Office of Liquor, Gaming, and Racing periodically. A register must also be kept of both types of exclusions.

Documenting an Exclusion

Many forms and documents must be completed to achieve the exclusion list. Exclusions must also be documented following government-mandated procedures. You will learn more about the QLD RSG.

Exclusions at the Venue

The venue can initiate this exclusion. In Queensland, the media have the authority (but not the obligation) to exclude patrons with problem gambling behavior.

Venue-initiated exclusions will remain in effect for at least five years unless the venue makes a written request to cancel the order. These can be revoked only once every 12 months.


The patron initiates these exclusions at his request and has the same enforcement duty as venue-initiated exclusions. They are valid for five years, but a 24-hour cooling-off period allows a person to request that their self-exclusion be revoked.

While exclusion laws are the foundation of Responsible Service for Gambling (RPGs), they are not the only initiative to help problem gamblers minimize the damage they cause to others and themselves. There are limits on the time that electronic gaming machines can operate per day and several state-specific reviews and possibly other initiatives are currently underway. Advertising and promotion of gaming venues and events are being regulated in many States.

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